About Us

Wortley Flower Farm was created by Darlene Davis and Natalie Bradshaw. When we first rented out our newest location for Filthy Rebena Vintage, the space had a large un-loved backyard that was not being used at all. Darlene, a London Middlesex Master Gardener, wanted to start her own flower farm in her backyard, but realized the magic and potential of this baron space. Natalie jumped on board to this brilliant idea, knowing that she needed some quality time with her hands in the dirt.

Wortley Flower Farm is a working micro farm in the backyard of Filthy Rebena Vintage, right in the heart of Wortley Village. We have a passion for the environment and do not use any chemicals or pesticides in our growing process. We hope to do our part with regenerative farming, focusing on topsoil regeneration, increasing our backyard’s biodiversity and reducing carbon dioxide emissions with our chemical free, holistic growing practices.

Every morning fresh, seasonal flowers are cut and made into bouquets. We love growing medicinal herbs and creating therapeutic bouquets with their aromatic and healing scents.

Our mud-room is a floral studio where farm visitors can shop natural fertilizers, vintage vases and sustainably sourced garden goods.

Wortley Flower Farm also serves as a multi-use public space where people can come enjoy and connect with nature. Darlene, Natalie and the staff of Filthy Rebena really want this backyard to be a community space with collaborations and fun events. Our staple events are currently Friday night Yoga sessions and Petals to Paper. Collaborators are always welcome and can send an inquiry for renting out the space to wortlyflowerfarm@gmail.com

The beautiful mural that overlooks the farm is created by Kitchener Artist, and Natalie's sister Jackie Bradshaw. The backyard is a beautiful rainbow of colors in the summer and is a must see.